Minimalist House Concept in General

Minimalist House Concept in General

According to Rizky Ahnaf, if condensed from several architectural theories, a minimalist house is a building that is formed according to its function.

“The point is not to overdo it and not to create a non-functional form just because of the idealism of a design,” said Rizky Ahnaf.

He mentions one theory of the minimalist home concept which reads: “Less is More”.

“In a nutshell, this theory is to eliminate something that is superfluous, for example on a building facade (outside of a building) is to remove an ornament that is decorative,” he explained.

Furthermore, Ahnaf even said that the cost aspect was included in the minimalist home concept and became a very important part.

“The concept of a minimalist home should prioritize this aspect (cost).”

“The cost aspect can be applied by selecting materials and materials, even to the process of making a building material that is custom made according to the needs of the building,” continued Rizky Ahnaf.